Be Slim is a supertea – it has the combined health benefits and strength of yerba mate and lemongrass!

Be Slim tea is a combination of Yerba mate and lemongrass. Yerba mate is made from the dried leaves of  Ilex paraguariensis – a native plant of South America and that’s gaining worldwide popularity because of the way it improves how people feel.  It’s said that it has the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the joy of chocolate. Lemongrass has a strong and pleasant flavour and taste which is very similar to lemons’. Lemongrass is known for improving metabolism.

How to use:

Use a tea-strainer and wait 4-5 min. The ideal brewing temperature is approximately 77°C; using boiling water will produce a bitter beverage.

Storage conditions:

Store at room temperature, keep away from direct sunlight if possible. After each use seal it carefully.

How do the teas taste like?

Yerba Mate taste reminds of green tea, Be Slim taste reminds of green tea with a lemon slice. The longer you keep leaves in hot water, the stronger the taste.


Be Slim: Yerba Mate dried leaves and dried lemongrass.

Yerba Mate: Yerba Mate dried leaves.

More info:

If you want to get acquainted with the macronutrients contained in the product, click on the “Nutritional value” tab.

NB! This product does not replace the versatile and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional value


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