Be More book Women and Health
Be More book Women and Health
Be More book Women and Health
Be More book Women and Health
Be More book Women and Health
Be More book Women and Health

Be More book Women and Health

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  • inspiring health stories of Estonian women
  • stories about sleep disorders, PMS, depression, food intolerance, etc.
  • healthy eating tips
  • practical lifestyle recommendations for women
  • 23 recipes inspired by Be More's delicious products
  • author of the book: Be More founder Kirti Kooser




Be More book “Women and Health” has been completed thanks to the author’s years of experience in the field of healthy nutrition and personal interest in health-related topics. Here you can find honest stories about Estonian women who have encountered health problems at different stages of their lives. Among these women are those who have faced cancer and those who have felt all the charm and pain of being a woman. Many of them have suffered from mental health problems such as chronic stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders. The book also contains stories about thyroid problems, food intolerance and psoriasis. These are not just stories of experiences, but recommendations and advice for everyone who should find themselves in the same situation are embedded in them. There are fourteen of these stories in the book, but in fact there are many more such stories around us. It is important that we can learn through those stories of experience and understand that we are not alone with our problems.

The second chapter of the book contains many recommendations and science-based information on how to take care of your health, eat healthy, and not forget to rest and be physically active. A healthy diet is very important for strong physical and mental health. In today’s fast pace of life, basic facts can often be forgotten, therefore the book “Women and Health” is suitable for daily use and for reminding of these basic facts. In the book, you will find plenty of recommendations for both planning meals and implementing proper eating habits. In the second chapter you can read, for example, about:

  • practical recommendations for daily nutrition
  • superfoods and the antioxidants, vitamins they contain
  • the importance of fatty acids for women’s health
  • supporting mental health through healthy nutrition
  • PMS and menopause
  • emotional eating
  • a woman’s sexuality
  • the importance of physical activity
  • much more

The final part of the book contains 23 simple recipes by Kersti Kuuse @my_life_my_treats.

Recipes include Be More products. There are plenty of smoothie recipes, appetizer and main course recipes, and delicious, healthy dessert recipes. Most of the meals are gluten-free and vegan. Anyone can make these recipes!

Book format: Hardcover

Language: estonian

Number of pages: 257

Author of the book: Kirti Kooser

Release year: 2023

Please Note
The book is based on people’s experiences, scientific literature and contains the author’s thoughts and opinions. The aim is to provide the reader with informative material. If you are ill or taking medication, you should consult a medical professional before applying the principles and techniques described in the book. This book is not intended to treat serious health problems. The author assumes no responsibility for personal damage, risks, or consequences arising from the direct or indirect use of the contents of this book.

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