Employee is the most valuable asset of any company. If the
employee is happy, healthy, rested and able to manage their
stress, the day-to-day business of the company will run smoothly.

A company that values its staff is a valued employer. The employees of
the company are loyal and satisfied.

Numerous scientific studies have proven the links between nutrition,
health, mental capacity, stress relief, good sleep and mood enhancement.

Be More is a lifestyle company dedicated to healthy eating and a positive lifestyle.

We conduct lectures, workshops and seminars on healthy eating and stress management, that your employees are healthy, happy, able to
manage stress and can do their best even in stressful and busy times! We conduct lectures and workshops in estonian, russian and english languages.

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Be More Superfoods helps your company contribute to its employees.

Be More Superfoods helps your company contribute to its employees.

  • Great business gift – we offer a wide range of superfoods, superfood mixes, raw bars and teas. You can reward your valuable employees with superfoods and remember them on anniversaries.

  • Workshops – We offer smoothie-making workshops that provide useful tips on how to get the nutrients you need at a fast pace of life and make delicious smoothies, and how to manage your stress with correct diet.

  • Lectures on healthy eating – we offer lectures and seminars where we talk about the basics of healthy eating and give many practical examples. Lectures can also be conducted online.

What are the needs of Your company and how can Be More Superfoods cooperate with You? Send us your wishes and visions.

We adapt all the offered services based on the needs and interests of Your company and make a personal offer for You!

Customer feedback

Promoting a healthy lifestyle is very important to the G4S, and that’s why we commissioned Be More’s team to train on healthy eating and smoothies. Both trainings were very useful – with good tips and suggestions. People liked the fact that in addition to the recommendations, they could taste the smoothies with interesting blends. So many people were surprised by the new recipes!

Thanks to the Be More team and good luck for the future!

Irene Metsis / G4S Human Resources Director

As part of the AGA Estonian Health and Safety Day, we had the great pleasure and honor of asking Be More’s wonderful representatives to make us a delicious smoothie for breakfast and explaining the importance of all these super substances in Be More blends. The morning was spent in a great company, enjoying a smoothie and getting some very informative information. The incredible amount of beneficial minerals, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates and fats found in Be More blends and the good things they do to our bodies, can not fail to mention how amazing all the smoothies tasted! Be More CEO Kirti’s training provided important information in the same way as Be More’s delicious blends provide super-useful ingredients! I highly recommend both Be More trainings and their blends!

Liina Kaldma / AGA Processes and Compliance Manager

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