Our story

Every one of us wants
a bit more out of life

Our story begins with Kirti. She is a young woman whose days
are filled with activities. There are simply not enough hours in the day to
get everything done that she would like to. Although Kirti had willpower
enough for three women, her body could not keep up with her tempo.
Thus, Kirti wanted to enrich her diet with natural vitamins and minerals.

She began to research how to get additional energy and how
to make the most of the day without visiting the pharmacist
or taking vitamin pills. How can you get more out of your food?

Emphasis being on the word “more”! It is the key word that introduced
Kirti to the wondrous world of superfoods. Superfoods contain more
vitamins and minerals than most other fruits, vegetables or seeds.
Consuming superfoods helps you to make the most of your day,
fills you with energy and makes you shine!

Superfoods and their importance in
improving life quality

Superfoods are plants, berries and seeds containing very high levels of vitamins and
minerals. Such food can also be found in Estonian nature. For example, some
native superfoods are blackcurrant, raspberry, black chokeberry, beetroot and wild garlic.

Witnessing the remarkable changes in her general well-being, work ability and
appearance after eating superfoods, Kirti decided to share this discovery with others.
After a long period of testing, Kirti and her wonderful team have now developed the
product line Be More Superfoods.

Products that will revive your
daily life

Products that will revive your
daily life

These products are superfood mixes that are best used in smoothies, yogurts, curd
cheese or even in porridge as a replacement for jam.It is difficult to find a better and
healthier snack than a smoothie enriched with superfoods.

We mixed Estonian superfoods with foreign ones and developed four different mixes
that contain superfoods from three continents. In addition to their great nutritional
value, they also taste fantastic.

Be More superfood mixes satisfy your daily vitamin and mineral needs and give you
an energy boost, regardless of whether you are a stay-at-home mother, an active young
man or a career woman running a business.

We have compiled a recipe book from which you can find ideas for using our superfood
mixes. Our recipe book is always being updated in order to ensure that you can enjoy the
latest ideas and exciting flavour combinations.

Our team


Kirti Kooser

Responsible for running the every-day life of the company and creating ideas for growth.

Marketing Manager

Elina Piirmets

Responsible for marketing and communication activities. Manages collaboration projects.


Diana Zintšenko

Responsible for advising clients on nutrition and training companies and teams.

With every superfood package you buy, you support the Estonian Cancer Society

We want to help everyone the best way we can. We help you to Be More Fit, Smart, Beautiful and Active, but we want You to give something back. So every pack you buy we will donate 5 cents to Estonian Cancer Society. Remember the change doesn’t start without doing anything. The biggest change comes from little things!

In the period from 01.04.2021 to 30.09.2022, Be More Superfoods implemented the project “Development of a stress-relieving nutritional supplement” with the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund. The project received support from the EAS Innovation Units support measure in the amount of 4,800 euros.

The goal of the project was to develop a dietary supplement for the short-term relief for anxiety and other milder symptoms of stress in cooperation with the University of Tartu Institute of Pharmacy. As a result we developed a food supplement called Relax capsules.