Smoothies – the best option to strive for a healthier lifestyle


If you are looking for ways to be more energetic, healthy, and slim, then smoothies can help you! A properly prepared smoothie can relieve digestive problems, speed up metabolism, reduce sweet cravings, make you more energetic and even more beautiful! We are sure that once you start drinking smoothies, this healthy habit will very quickly become a part of your daily lifestyle.

We will share with you tricks on how to achieve the desired result with the help of smoothies.

Improve your digestion with smoothies

Digestive problems and slow metabolism are often caused by a low-fiber menu, eating too much animal-sourced protein (e.g. meat, dairy products) and a poor microflora. It is recommended to consume a variety of fiber-rich foods to support and grow good gut bacteria. For example, it is recommended to eat at least 500g of non-starchy vegetables of different colors every day. Add vegetables to your smoothie and you will notice the difference! Did you know that you can add both raw cauliflower and carrots to the smoothie? Balance the flavors with blueberries, add chia seeds (which are rich in Omega 3) and a favorite liquid as the final touch – and a healthy, digestion-supporting smoothie is ready!

Remember that sources of fiber are vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts and seeds. Add all of them to your smoothies and you will notice a difference in your digestive processes!

Lose weight with the help of smoothies

If you want to lose weight, follow the rules:

  1. Replace at least 1 meal every day with a smoothie (ideally, it could be dinner)
  2. If the smoothie replaces the main meal, you can prepare a slightly larger amount (500-700ml) of the smoothie
  3. Always add different vegetables to the smoothie (spinach, broccoli, celery, carrot, cauliflower, etc.)
  4. Add seeds to smoothies (flax seeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds are the best)
  5. Use pure water as the liquid for the smoothie
  6. Do not add additives containing sugar to the smoothie

The richer in fiber your smoothie is, the better! As a source of additional fiber, you can also add Be More fiber-rich superfood mixes to the smoothie. For example, the Be Slim superfood mix is ​​an excellent addition to a smoothie because it contains psyllium, a soluble fiber that accelerates digestion, and Jerusalem artichoke, a source of fiber named inulin. Liver Detox superfood powder is also a good high-fiber supplement. It contains 9 superfoods, among which, for example, milk thistle seed powder, barley powder and artichoke extract, all of which contribute to body cleansing (detox) processes.

Since overeating and sweet cravings are often caused by skipping meals and long breaks between meals, adding smoothies as a snack helps to prevent and avoid this problem. Long breaks between meals cause excessive fluctuations in blood sugar. However, if you add a smoothie between two main meals, your blood sugar will be stable and you will be able to control the following food portion sizes, and you will most likely not have a sweet cravings.


Be healthier with smoothies

If you always add berries, vegetables and nuts to the smoothie in addition to fruits, you can be sure that you will get a good vitamin charge. Most vegetables and berries contain antioxidant compounds that are anti-inflammatory and help protect the body’s cells. If you add for example beets to a smoothie, it can help prevent vascular problems (high blood pressure, anemia), as beets are a good source of folates and nitrates. In the Be More e-shop there is Be Active superfood powder available. This superfood mix contains beetroot powder, and it is a suitable addition to the smoothies for all family members. Kristi, the customer who purchased this superfood mix, gave the product feedback: “My most favorite product! Gives a pleasant extra energy for the day and really supports being active 🙂“.

Another good and healthy addition to a smoothie is, for example, avocado. The monounsaturated fatty acids in avocados contribute to heart health by helping to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels while increasing good cholesterol (HDL) levels.

#BeMoreWeek will help you get into the habit of drinking smoothies!

Already on January 22, the challenge of drinking smoothies starts, where we invite you to add at least one smoothie to your daily menu. In order to inspire the participants, during the week-long challenge, we share information about healthy eating habits, how to make healthy smoothies and inspire with exciting stories and recipes. The goal of the challenge is to drink at least one smoothie a day and experience the surprising effects of this healthy habit! Read more about the #BeMoreWeek smoothie challenge HERE.

Come join us because drinking smoothies is a great way to strive for a healthy lifestyle!

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