Free From Spring Fatigue and Sun Damage?!

Many people deal with some sort of fatigue. A possible explanation for fatigue is a micro deficiency of minerals and vitamins. The associations between poor nutritional status and fatigue can work in both directions. Thus persons with fatigue are more prone to have poor nutritional status and those with poor nutritional status are at greater risk of fatigue.

Getting enough nutrients through diet is challenging as we age. Our bodies don’t absorb nutrients as well as they once did, yet we tend to need fewer calories and eat less. So it’s important to make the most out of the foods we do eat. One way is by choosing more nutrient-dense foods, which provide more nutrition bang for the calorie buck.

If You’re not already eating a healthy diet, or You’re not eating enough healthy foods, nutrient-dense foods will help fill in the gaps. For example, one slice of white bread has about 70 calories, but very few vitamins and minerals. One slice of whole-wheat bread, however, has about the same amount of calories as white bread, but four times the amount of potassium and magnesium and three times the zinc. Many nutrient-dense foods also contain fiber. Fiber can help prevent constipation and stabilize blood sugars. For example, that same slice of whole-wheat bread has double the fiber and protein as the white bread.


There are a few foods that can be singled out for special recognition. These superfoods offer some very important nutrients that can power-pack Your meals and snacks, and further enhance a healthy eating pattern. Be More has plenty of superfoods in the option to boost Your health and energy levels.

Be Active supports the body with high amounts of different B group vitamins, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, phosphor and iron.

Be Beautiful supports the body with high amounts of different vitamins, vitamins A, E, C, B6, copper, manganese and thiamine.

Be Fit supports the body with high amounts of different B group vitamins, potassium, magnesium, phosphorite, iron and zinc.

Be Smart assists the body with high amounts of vitamin C, potassium, iron and manganese.

Detox superfood mix loads Your body with vitamin A, different B group vitamins, iron, zinc, copper and manganese.

Beautiful Skin and Sun Damage

Summer is fast approaching and it is that time of year when we need to take extra caution to protect our skin from harmful UV rays.

Herbs have been used in medicines and cosmetics for centuries. Their potential to treat different skin diseases, to adorn and improve the skin appearance is well-known. As ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause sunburns, wrinkles, lower immunity against infections, premature aging, there is a permanent need for protection from UV radiation and prevention from their side effects. Herbs and herbal preparations have a high potential due to their antioxidant activity, primarily. Antioxidants such as vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin E), flavonoids, and phenolic acids play the main role in fighting against free radical species that are the main cause of numerous negative skin changes.

The antioxidant vitamin E protects cell membranes from light-induced damage. Be More Acai powder has loads of vitamin E in it.

Vitamin C is the body’s most important antioxidant. Vitamin C provides many benefits to the skin—most significantly, increased synthesis of collagen and photoprotection. Photoprotection is enhanced by the anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C. Photoprotection over many months allows the skin to correct previous photodamage, the synthesis of collagen and decrease wrinkles. Be Active superfood mix has all the recommended vitamin C intake for a day in just 2 tbsp.


Written by nutritionist Riin Reimer



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