Raw cacao nibs, 150g
Raw cacao nibs, 150g
Raw cacao nibs, 150g
Raw cacao nibs, 150g
Raw cacao nibs, 150g
Raw cacao nibs, 150g
Raw cacao nibs, 150g
Raw cacao nibs, 150g
Raw cacao nibs, 150g
Raw cacao nibs, 150g
Raw cacao nibs, 150g
Raw cacao nibs, 150g

Raw cacao nibs, 150g

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Add a chocolate flavor to your food with an invaluable fruit of the Cocoa tree (Theobroma cacao)!

  • It contains a lot of vitamins E and C
  • A great source of iron, magnesium and manganese! Iron is part of the oxygen carrier in the hemoglobin, which keeps our blood normal
  • High fiber content
  • Does not contain added sugars or sweeteners
  • Vegan
  • 100% natural




chemical free

Preservative free

child friendly

Child friendly

child friendly


child friendly

Gluten free

child friendly

Made in Estonia


Raw cacao comes from the fruits of the tree Theobroma cacao, to be more specific the almond-sized cocoa beans within their fruits. Raw cocoa powder is a good source of fiber and contains a lot of vitamins E and C. Furthermore, it includes substances that make you feel good in the body (including tryptophan, 5-HTP, serotonin, dopamine, phenylethylamine and anandamide).

Cocoa is chemically one of the most complex foods on our planet, containing more than 1 200 active ingredients and high levels of antioxidants. It is also a natural source of magnesium, chromium, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper and sulfur.

How to use:

Add to a smoothie, a porridge or to a yogurt. You can also use it to prepare a variety of drinks and as an ingredient for raw chocolate.

Storage conditions:

Store at room temperature, keep away from direct sunlight if possible. After each use seal it carefully.

How does raw cocoa taste like?

Raw cocoa nibs are pleasantly bitter taste because it does not contain any added sweeteners. Replace it with ordinary chocolate, to give your foods and drinks a delicious taste.


Raw cocoa nibs.

More info:

If you want to get acquainted with the macronutrients contained in the product, click on the “Nutritional value” tab.

NB! This product does not replace the versatile and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional Value


  1. Elo

    Lemmikud!! Cacao nibs sobivad eriti hästi šokolaadistesse smuutidesse, aga olen pannud ka nt pudrule ja kookide peale

  2. Evelyn

    Šokolaadine ja mõnusalt krõmps. Eriti meeldib neid panna valgusmuutisse ja lihtsalt banaaniviilude peale. 😀 Lisaks on see hea, et need on kõrge kiudainesisaldusega, mis on kaalulangetuse ajal suureks abiks.

  3. Geithi

    Ma ei teadnud enne BeMore toorkakao tuumade proovimist, et on paremad tuumad ja halvemad tuumad, mõtlesin, et kui suur vahe nendel ikka olla saab.. nüüd tean, et SAAB! BeMore toorkakao tuumad on tõesti super maitsvad- mõnusalt šokolaadised. Enam mujalt ei telli- kui otsa saavad, siis kindlasti uued BeMore’st! 🙂

  4. Sigrid Simmer

    Super toode! Hea näksida ja pudru sisse panna, samuti ka banaanikeeksi sisse ja mujale.

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