Be Fit & Beautiful combo
Be Fit & Beautiful combo
Be Fit & Beautiful combo
Be Fit & Beautiful combo
Be Fit & Beautiful combo
Be Fit & Beautiful combo
Be Fit & Beautiful combo
Be Fit & Beautiful combo
Be Fit & Beautiful combo
Be Fit & Beautiful combo
Be Fit & Beautiful combo
Be Fit & Beautiful combo
Be Fit & Beautiful combo
Be Fit & Beautiful combo

Be Fit & Beautiful combo

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Be Fit and Be Beautiful superfood mixes supports recovering from your workout or raising the protein content of your meal. Be Beautiful helps you shine on the outside!
  • 100% natural
  • Does not contain added sugars or additives
  • High protein value of 46g per 100g
  • Supports the body with high amounts of different B group vitamins, potassium, magnesium, phosphorite, iron and zinc
  • Phosphor aids in proper nervous system function by regulating nerve impulses
  • High protein value helpis maintain and grow muscle
  • Be Beautiful supports the body with high amounts of different vitamins, vitamin A, E, C, B6, copper, manganese and thiamine
  • Thiamine helps to improve blood circulation of the scalp, this quickens hair growth.
  • Vitamin B6 helps fight against a hormone that causes balding
  • Copper helps improve firmness, softness and elasticity of the skin by supporting new collagen and elastin regeneration
  • By purchasing a package of each superfood mix, you support the Estonian Cancer Society with 5 cents. So, by buying this combo, you support the Estonian Cancer Society with 10 cents.




chemical free

Preservative free

child friendly

Child friendly

child friendly


child friendly

Gluten free

child friendly

Made in Estonia


100% Natural Superfood Mix designed to give you more energy and help you to recover after trainings, also to keep your skin, hair and nails beautiful. Be Fit is a superfood mix made to provide your body with natural, high-quality protein, Be Beautiful is created for the person who truly cares about the well being of her skin, hair and nails.

Be Fit contains 5 superfoods, 3 protein sources, pushing your body to recover from your physical activity even quicker. 14 different vitamins and minerals to provide your body with the nutrients it needs. Pea and hemp protein provide your body with all the essential amino acids while goji berries, raw cocoa and hemp seeds provide the vitamins and minerals amongst other things.

Be Beautiful supports you with 6 different superfoods, all having different functions to maintain the good condition and beauty of your skin, hair and nails. Rosehip, the main ingredient amongst, other things is rich in antioxidants, helps regenerate and hydrate new skin cells and keeps your skin elastic. Baobab, the second largest ingredient, is claimed to be able to reduce wrinkles, scar tissue and even help diminish stretch marks.

Other ingredients such as raspberries and acai berries are powerhouses of different nutrients, working as anti-aging components, helping you fight wrinkles, keeping your hair shiny and nails healthy by supporting you with vitamins and minerals. Components such as pea protein powder and chia seeds additionally give your body the healthy fats and protein it needs for proper functioning and good health.

Put it in your smoothie to have as a meal while working or studying, perhaps start your morning or end your day with it.

To familiarize yourself with the products macronutrients, click the ‘nutritional value’.

Be More superfood mixes are suitable:

  • for anyone who wants to increase the content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in their menu
  • for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
  • for kids
  • due to the high fiber content for weight loss

What does this product consist of?

Be Beautiful superfood mix ingredients: rosehip powder (25%), baobab powder (20%), freeze-dried raspberry powder (15%), pea protein powder (15%), chia ceeds (15%), acai berry powder (10%)

Be Fit superfood mix ingredients: pea protein powder (30%), raw cocoa powder (25%), hemp protein powder (20%), freeze-dried goji berry powder (20%), hemp seeds (5%).

How to use it?

Add 1-3 tablespoons to each smoothie, depending on your preferences. You may also add it to other drinks or foods such as water, juice, porridge or yoghurt.

Serving size:

Add approximately one tablespoon to each smoothie, depending on your wishes.

Servings per package:

Each 150g package contains up to 15 servings, depending on individual needs.

Two packages combined provide up to 30 smoothies with superfoods.

Storage conditions

Store at room temperature, keep away from direct sunlight if possible. After each use seal it carefully.

What does Be Fit & Be Beautiful taste like?

Be Fit has a slight cocoa taste from the raw cocoa in it, giving your smoothies a nice brown tone and a sweet flavour. Be Beautiful has a slightly sour, but enjoyable taste from the raspberry content, it gives your smoothies a pretty baby pink tone

Do you have any recipe recommendations available?

To get inspirational ideas for smoothies, our website has a whole section with recipies and we are constantly adding new ideas and inspiring tips to our fans and family members. In addition, you will find great recipe recommendations on our social media channels!

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