Smoothies – what are they and how to make them?


Smoothies can be made of practically anything – just be creative. You have a chance to try hundreds, if not thousands of different combinations. But to get the best possible result out of your smoothie, here are our simple recommendations!

The main components of smoothies are most often fruits and berries, such as bananas, blackcurrant, raspberries and strawberries. At the same time it is important to also keep track that the smoothie is not too high in carbohydrates but also includes protein and fats. Protein is needed for the growth of muscles and the well-being of your organs in general. Fats are a part of the growth process in your body and raise the bodies ability to fight against external factors. Additionally fats provide the body with fat soluble vitamins and are necessary for their effective transportation in the human body. Without regular fat intake our body will not be able to absorbe A, D, E and K group vitamins. Good sources of healthy fats and protein are hemp seeds, chia seeds, natural peanut butter, pumpkin seeds and almonds.

To make your smoothie more runny, we recommend using different options such as oat milk, coconut milk or a combination of water and Greek yoghurt. Keep an eye on the packaging, so that there are preferably no added sugars, sweeteners or other additives. Your smoothie will be sweet enough from having different fruits and berries in it.

Smoothies do not only belong inside a glass. A thicker smoothie can be put inside a bowl, covered in ingredients of your choice and eaten with a spoon.



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