How to Use Be More Superfood Mixes

Be More superfood mixes are great way to make it easy, adding superfoods to your daily diet. Here you will find how to use our superfood mix powders.

Detox Superfood Mix

Detox Superfood mix supports You with 7 different superfoods. Our Detox mix includes known Estonian berries like cranberry and lingonberry which are rich in Vitamin-C. Estonians have used cranberry juice for centuries to relieve urinary tract inflammation, in addition Vitamin-C contributes to normal energy exchange.  Green smoothie essentials, spirulina and chlorella, are also represented. Spirulina and chlorella are both algaes with excellent levels of vitamins and minerals. Both algaes have been used to support metabolism for years.

Detox Superfood mix tastes and smells more mildly than most of the detox mixes available thanks to lingonberry, cranberry and lemongrass. It has a slight lemon taste and wonderful green color.

Add this mix to your green smoothies. Start with smaller dosages, because of its taste.

Be Fit Superfood Mix

5 superfoods with 3 protein sources help your body to recover from physical activity. Pea and hemp protein provide your body with all the essential amino acids.  Amino acids are the building blocks of tissues, muscles and enzymes. Goji berry contains vitamin C, which contributes to normal energy exchange and normal functioning of the immune system. Hemp seeds contain both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Be Fit has a slight cocoa taste from the raw cocoa in it, giving your smoothies a nice brown tone and a sweet flavour.

Add this mix to Greek yogurt and milk smoothies. It is perfect in cocoa drinks and porridge.

Be Beautiful Superfood Mix

Be Beautiful supports you with 6 different superfoods, all having different functions to maintain the good condition and beauty of your skin, hair and nails. Rosehip, the main ingredient amongst, other things is rich in antioxidants, helps regenerate and hydrate new skin cells and keeps your skin elastic. Baobab, the second largest ingredient, is claimed to be able to reduce wrinkles, scar tissue and even help diminish stretch marks.

Other ingredients such as raspberries and acai berries are powerhouses of different nutrients, working as anti-aging components, helping you fight wrinkles, keeping your hair shiny and nails healthy by supporting you with vitamins and minerals. Components such as pea protein powder and chia seeds additionally give your body the healthy fats and protein it needs for proper functioning and good health.

Be Beautiful has a slightly sour, but enjoyable taste from the raspberry content, it gives your smoothies a pretty baby pink tone.

Add this mix to porridge, smoothie, cheesecake, chia seed pudding, muesli, Greek yogurt and vanilla ice cream.

Be Active Superfood Mix

It assists your body with 5 different superfoods, helping you cover what your body needs on a daily basis. The main ingredient, Beetroot, provides your body with large amounts of energy, cleanses and strengthens it. Ingredients such as blackcurrant and goji berry supply you with large amounts of different vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. The final ingredient, camu camu, is the most tense natural source of vitamin C. Therefore leading to a stronger health, to help you with your daily activities

Use the superfood mix in a quick smoothie to take on the go or to start your morning with a truly energizing smoothie! It has a slight berry taste to it but enough sweetness to use it also with classical Greek yogurt! Add this to chia seed pudding, muesli, cheesecake or eat straight from the package.

Be Smart Superfood Mix

6 different superfoods, 18 vitamins and minerals and brain enhancing Brahmi put together to make it easier for you to get the most out of your day. Other ingredients such as maca, chia seeds, goji berries, chokeberries and raspberries provide the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your body functioning while you tackle the challenges of your daily life.

Be Smart has a taste of different herbs and berries put together, adding valuable nutrients to your meal.

Put it in your smoothie to have as a meal while working or studying, perhaps start your morning or end your day with it.

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Written by nutritionist Riin Reimer

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