What is happening in nutrition counseling?

Before coming to nutrition counseling, you need to write down your two-day regular menu so that the counselor can get a good overview of your current eating habits. The best would be if you are very accurate in writing it down. Also, write the approximate time when you ate something. Write down what time you woke up and what time went to sleep. Also, mark up when you went to the gym. In addition, it is necessary to fill in a form that nutritionist will send you to your email. Filling in the form and writing down your daily menu will help to make counseling more effective and prepare it in the best way. Reservations and all the information about counseling is done by e-mail.

Nutrition counseling lasts 1 hour. During the consultation, your current eating habits will be reviewed and advice will be given on what changes should be made to achieve all your goals. Nutrition counseling is a collective process where a counselor helps you to find the right solutions. All the additional materials will be sent to your email. One consultation is not always enough, in which case you can reserve time for the next one. Counseling is confidential.

NB! A nutritionist can’t help with serious health problems. Nutrition counseling is not suitable for the following diseases: cancer, kidney failure, gastric ulcers or intestinal tract ulcers, and more various diseases. In case of these health problems, we advise you to contact with the functional nutritionist.

The impact of nutrition for human health has been studied a lot over the years. It is known that a healthy diet can reduce body fat percentage, improve the appearance of the skin, reduce stress and increase energy level, improve sleep quality, increase body resistance to illness. Food and eating are part of our daily life, so changing our eating habits can change our lives. Every human being is unique and that is why we need a personal approach. A nutritionist can help you in the way that is just right for you.

Where does consultation take place?

The consultation takes place in the office of Be More in Tallinn Pärnu mnt. 105.

Who will be my nutrition counselor?

Kirti Asperk 

Kirti Asperk has created the lifestyle brand Be More and that’s why she can give good advice to people for a healthy lifestyle. Kirti has also studied at Annely Soots Health School and continues her studies there. In addition, Kirti complements herself with various courses about nutrition. Kirti is a cooking enthusiast who can give good tips for making healthy meals, and she also wants to teach them to her customers. Kirti desire is to help people improve their lifestyle and give advice on how to eat healthier and thereby feel better. She is also sure that a healthy diet will give the best results. Kirti offers an alternative for people who care for their well-being, how to support their bodies with vitamins and minerals and feel good.

Kirti’s contacts: 

Phone: 53472337

E-mail: kirti@bemore.ee


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