100% Natural Superfood loaded Raw Bars for Your everyday life!

Be Fit protein-peanut butter raw bar contains our Be Fit Superfood Mix, which increases the protein content of and also adds vitamins and minerals content to the raw bar. It is created for the person who truly cares about his/her physique and wants to recover from the workout.

Be Beautiful coconut-raspberry raw bar contains our Be Beautiful Superfood Mix, which increases the vitamin and mineral content of the raw bar. It is created for the person who truly cares about the well being of her skin, hair and nails.

Be Active red velvet blackcurrant-almond raw bar contains our Be Active Superfood Mix, which adds a lot of vitamins and minerals to the raw bar. It is created for the person who wants to Be Active. 

What does these products consist of?

Ingredients in Be Fit: dates, gluten-free oat flour, Be Fit superfood mix (18%) (pea protein powder, raw cocoa powder, hemp protein powder, goji berry powder, hulled hemp seeds), agave syrup, PEANUTS (9%), PEANUT BUTTER (7%), cold-pressed coconut oil, Himalayan salt.

Ingredients in Be Beautiful: dates, coconut flakes (21%), gluten-free oat flakes, CASHEW NUTS, cold pressed coconut oil, freeze dried raspberries (7%), rosehip powder (1%), baobab powder (0.8%), pea protein powder (0.6%), chia seeds (0.6%), acai berry powder (0.4%).

Ingredients in Be Active: dates, gluten-free oatmeal, agave syrup, ALMOND (10%), ALMOND FLOUR (10%), Be Active Superfood Mix (10%) (beetroot powder, blackcurrant powder, goji berry powder, chia seeds, camu-camu powder), freeze-dried black currants (5%), cold-pressed coconut oil, raw cacao nibs.

Servings per package:

This order will include 2 Be Fit, 2 Be Beautiful and 2 Be Active raw bars.

Storage conditions

Store at room temperature, keep away from direct sunlight if possible.

What do the raw bars taste like?

Be Fit raw bar has an enjoyable raw cacao and salty peanut butter taste, which feels like a marriage made in heaven. At first, it takes away the need for eating something sweet, but at the same time fills You up. In the end, You feel like You just ate a perfect chocolate snack without the chocolate and excess sugars.

Be Beautiful raw bar has a slightly sour, but enjoyable taste that comes from the raspberry, coconut and Be Beautiful Superfood mix content. Coconut also adds some pleasant texture to the bar and balances out the sour raspberry flavour with its mild and slightly sweet taste.

Be Active raw bar has a pleasantly sour blackcurrant flavour complemented by a creamy and slightly sweet almond. The product is perfected by raw cacao nibs, which adds a slightly bitter taste to the otherwise sweet mouthfeel and balance the taste. The raw cacao nibs also add a slightly crunchy texture to the otherwise velvety bar.

To familiarize yourself with the products macro nutrients, click the ‘Nutritional value‘.

Nutritional value


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